They gave birth to Mr. Treadwells father, Harold Marvin Treadwell Jr., in 1925. Photo A family photo shows Lillian Poole Treadwell, Bryans grandmother, who was white but identified closely with the black community, seated at far left. Credit Erik Jacobs for The New York Times After his grandparents divorced, Lillian Poole Treadwell continued living in an all-black neighborhood of Ithaca, N.Y., where she attended a black church and fit right in, according to Mr. Treadwell, who was born in 1948. She sure did pass on the black pride to my dad [her son], he said in an email. Miscegenation rules! Mr. Treadwells father, Harold Jr., proudly identified as black, but his three sons were listed as white on their birth certificates at the insistence of their mother, Evelyn Treadwell, who was Portuguese, so life would be easier for us, Mr. Treadwell said. Photo A family photo of Bryan Treadwells parents, Harold Marvin Treadwell Jr., who identified as black, and his wife, Evelyn Treadwell, who was Portuguese. Credit Erik Jacobs for The New York Times The document was not enough to mollify the parents of Bryan Treadwells wife, Deborah, who is white.

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