While that might seem like an impossible feat to some, the pair pulled it off by simplifying the process. We were hiking in Sedona, Ariz., when we got engaged, Hardman shared with ABC News . As soon as we had cell phone reception, I called the banquet hall, and then I called my parents and told them, and then I called the temple. Some big moments of the planning process they avoided in the short time span? For one, Hardman skipped the traditional rite of searching for a white dress and picked a $10 white topthat her mother helped her stitch to a skirt. They also traded paper wedding invitations for a simpler method a quick text invitation that the bride designed to include an attached selfie of herself and beau. Despite the unconventional method, Hardman said that her friends werent fazed by the text. People know that I hate everything that is overly complicated. I am just a minimalist, so nobody was surprised, Hardman told ABC. And everybody was just so happy that we were getting married, they were all like, Awesome, Ill be there.’ The quick turnaround also helped accommodate the couples busy schedule, since the bride was slammed at work with an important court case and the groom only had a short time off work while he wastransitioning in jobs. The bride realized from prior experience that taking part in the traditional wedding planning process was not the right path for her.

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