I know wedding rings won’t automatically keep a marriage healthy — but I still love mine Sometimes Id fiddle with it, and think that my BFF was wearing thatnecklace, too. It made me feel special, cared about. And it meant that even though people in my new town were only just beginning to learn my name, I was still someones priority. And that made a huge difference as I reminded yet another person that it was Kelsey, not Chelsea. But as awesome as it was to have my best friend in elementary school wear a best friend necklace because of me, its even better to know my husband is wearing a ringbecause Im his BFF. Shortly after my husband and I got engaged, we went with his family to Disneyland. And while we were there, we got matching purple soda pop pins just like Carl and Elles from Up. Were adventure buddies, I told my husband, Ian, pointing to our matching pins. Each time weve gone on a Disney vacation, wevebought matching pins on the first day of the trip so that we can wear them throughout the rest of the vacation. Just like a wedding ring, the pins dont really serve a specific function but theyre fun and we enjoy them. When Ian and I got married, our wedding rings felt just like the matching pins we always get on vacation.

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