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The most popular gifts on Amazon wedding registries are almost all under $50

51XXzgvc28L (1) Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Attending weddings is a pastime that seems like it almost always exceeds a comfortable budget. Between traveling to and from, dressing appropriately, and giving a gift, you’re looking at an expensive weekend. So it will come as a relief that Amazon’s recent data on the top 100 gifts most often added to registries on the site features a surprising majority of gifts under $50 — ones that you know the couple actually wants and will appreciate in a classic low buy, high return scenario. Apparently, the big-ticket items aren’t the gifts that most couples really hope to open after the honeymoon. Amazon’s recent foray into wedding registries comes with a lot of perks for couples , one of which is that the world’s largest selection of items (something the company is well-known for) allows couples to ask for things that are as useful to them as they are easy for guests to get. This advantage is again displayed in the 100 items most frequently added to Amazon wedding registries — many of the most popular products landed under $50. Weddings are expensive no matter what, but the gift newlyweds actually want doesn’t have to be. Given how ubiquitous and popular Amazon is, the retail giant’s data is uniquely helpful for people seeking to put a finger on what newlyweds generally want today.

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Claire Courtin-Clarins' Nontraditional Wedding Outfit Is Straight Off the French Runway

Claire Courtin-Clarins’ Nontraditional Wedding Outfit Is Straight Off the French Runway Who needs a white dress when you have a giant Jacquemus sun hat? It’s getting more common for brides to break free from tradition and make their weddings completely their own, and Claire Courtin-Clarins did so in a major way at her nuptials last weekend. Courtin-Clarins, a member of the legendary Clarins family, decided to forgo the usual white dress or pantsuit for a more avant-garde, ultra-fashionable combination. The Parisian businesswoman (she is the founder of the C’Juice health food company) donned a look from French designer Jacquemus’ spring 2017 runway collection that included a miniskirt-length, crisp, white button-up tunic with massively puffy sleeves, a cream-colored tailored vest, and a huge, wide-brimmed straw sun hat. For her summertime wedding, Courtin-Clarins wore the hat on her back, tied around her neck with a black bow, and she accessorized with a tiny cream-colored shoulder bag and white ankle boots. Her blond hair was slicked back into an elegant braided ponytail, and her makeup was simple and natural, fitting perfectly with her chic French-girl style . Although there aren’t many photos available from Courtin-Clarins’ wedding day, the bride shared two sweet shots on her Instagram account . In one, which Courtin-Clarins captioned, “OUI,” she and her groom stand hand in hand , backs to the camera, in a town hall building in the Sixth Arrondissement of Paris. In another, the newly married pair share a smooch outside the government building, underneath a red Clarins umbrella. “OUI OUI OUI,” reads the happy bride’s caption.

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